Pathivara Center for Advanced Study is an academic institute of engineering affiliated with Purwanchal University, one of the renounced universities of Nepal. The college is promoted by a number of professionally successful professors, lecturers in the engineering field, educationists, social leaders, and entrepreneurs who have wide experience in building human capital in higher education with leadership sill to give back to the community for the last fifteen years.
The college is located in Birtamode, Jhapa,  the growing city of eastern Nepal for education, medicine, and trade. 

Our motto is to strengthen competitive education that fosters local human resources of engineering with international standard technologies, research, and innovation that contribute to creating national integrity. The college is located at Birtamode, Jhapa one of the emerging cities of eastern Nepal which is known as the landmark of education and trade.  The college is located in a peaceful environment. PEC has ample space for recreation, techno-friendly and standard classrooms, labs, and seminar hall required for each and every academic, and extra-curricular activity required for the students.  That’s why “We Design your Destiny.”

Silent Features

Pathivara Engineering College has covered all facilities that require for the fulfillment of the University and global standard of teaching and learning environment. Following Infrastructures and Facilities are available in the college. 

Building: Two story building with 19 rooms has been designed for all types of activities required by the University guidelines.  Lecture hall or tutorial rooms, library, administration, account, and principal's rooms are managed with one-way workflow so that it will be easy to move and manage space and time for more effective and efficiency in day to day operation of the college. College is surrounded by full of greenery of tea garden, ashok and shiris trees and a beautiful flower garden. 

Laboratory and Learning Facilities:  College has a modern laboratory for all 3 disciplines.  Labs for Civil Engineering, computers and electronics contain highly advanced computers and equipment that will be familiar to all students to cope in the global job market. 

Classrooms: All classrooms are ideal for learning with adequate IT infrastructures like internet connection, smart board, adequate natural lights, and wind flow.  
Jhapa lies in the easternmost part of Nepal and lies under the fertile Terai plains. It is surrounded by Illam in the north, Morang in the west, and India in the south, and east. Jhapa covers the area of 1,606 km2 and lies on 87º39’ east to 88º12’ east longitude and 26º20’ north to 26º50’ north latitude. The altitude variation of this district is the lowest at 56 meters and the highest is 500 meters from sea level.

Jhapa receives 250 to 300 cm of rainfall a year, mostly during the monsoon season in the summer and its hilly northern area receives more rainfall than the south. The maximum temperature recorded is 42 °C in summer and 10 °C in winter. The lowest elevation point is 58 meters which is the lowest land in Nepal and the highest elevation point is 500 meters from the mean sea level.

College is located in Birtamode , the emerging city of province 1 of Nepal. City facilities include roads connecting other villages and big cities of Nepal, Nepal's the largest road network east-west highway is just 845 meters south from the college, 24 hour electricity supply, Internet service provider companies are providing internet in competitive prices,  Water supply is continuous and approved by WHO standard safe drinking water supply.

A wide range of people of different community and culture are living here. Bharmins, Chhetris, Newars , Rais, Limbus, Rajbanshi, Dhimals, Tamang, Gurung, Magar and many other community peoples are here living together in peace and harmony.

Jhapa is the most diverse district comparison to other districts in casts and ethnic groups. Alone in Jhapa, there are about 110 ethnic groups including endangered Santhal and Ganesh (Gangai) tribes. Each society found in Jhapa is culturally diverse and colorful as the next. Festivals such as Siruwa, Dadikado, and Gafu are exclusive to Rajbanshis, Dashayen, Sorahaya, and Gaguwa are exclusive to Santhals. Including the vibrant culture, Jhapa is home to many religious destinations and wetlands too.

There are lots of cultural and religious places in this district. Kankai Mai, Kichakbadh, Satasidham, Arjundhara are few of them. This place also have the place name Kechanakalan which is at a height of only 60m from sea-level and is consider as the place of Nepal situated in lowest altitude. JamunKhadi Wetland is also a good place to visit whenever you reach to Jhapa.

Nearby college there are beautiful places for recreation for students and learning more from nature and the culture. Aarjundhara is itself the one of the most visited religious places here in the same municipality where college lies. Similarly, Sukhani Sahid Smarak, Saadhutar, Kichhakbadh, Sathashidham, Kankai kotihom, Dhanuskoti, Barne Tea garden are major place for recreation and where students can spent time  with the nature

Market is very much connected with our daily life.  Students here in this college can visit in very short time for their daily requirements. Birtamode has one of the famous vegetable market called Krishithok about 1.5 km distance from the college. Similarly fresh vegetables are also available in buspark surrounding which are supplied from Ilam and Pachthar.  There are supermarkets for all types of materials including clothing, room decoration and more …

Health is first. Without health, we cannot imagine success. College is itself in a very peaceful location surrounded by greenery, and a tea garden. There are health clubs, yoga centers, and meditation centers where students can practice for their healthy living and wisdom.