Member of Administration

Er. Anuj Parajuli

Chief Executive Officer

Contact: 9842060154


Er. Ranjan Upreti

Head of Examination

Contact: 9851324670


Mrs. Deepa Mishra Poudyal

Library Incharge

Bachelor in Business Studies

Contact: 9824065056

Mr. Suman Thapa


Bachelor in Business Studies

Contact: 9816098419

Ms. Poonam Parajuli 


Bachelor in Business Studies

Contact: 9816000929


Faculty Member



Er. Subash Poudyal

M.Tech in Structural Engineering

Head of Department of Civil Engineering

Contact: 9851091165






Er. Ranjan Upreti

MSc. in Construction

Exam Head/Lecturer at Department of Civil Engineering

Contact: 9851324670





Er. Roshan Bhattarai

MSc. in Information System Engineering

Lecturer/IT Head at Department of Computer Engineering

Contact: 9862678527








Er. Kshitij Kafle

Bachelor in Electronics Engineering









Er. Sujal Koju

MSc. in Earthquake Engineering









Er. Anil Adhikari

Bachelor in Civil Engineering











Mr. Tanka Bhattarai

MEd. in Mathematics









Mr. Om Sapkota

MEd. in Mathematics









Mr. Rajesh Bhattarai

MSc. in Physics












Mr. Sandesh Pokharel

MSc. in Chemistry



Mr. Bikram Bhattarai

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Lab Incharge

Contact: 9816985935




Board of Directors

    Name Designation Field of Experience
  Yubaraj Parsai Chairperson Enterprenuer and Social Activist
  Anuj Parajuli CEO Former Campus Chief, TU IOE
Educational Leader
  Dr. Sagar Prasai Principal Prior Prof. at Universities, USA,
UK and TU
  Anjana Prasai Member Business Women &
Social Activist
  Bhawana Parajuli Member Business Women &
Social Activist
  Ayusha Parsai Member Technology Expert
  Ayush Parsai Member Innovation Expert

Message from Chairperson

Dear Everyone

It delights me to welcome all of you to Pathivara Engineering College. After a rigorous effort, we could have received the affiliation of most professional academic engineering courses here in Jhapa. We have well planned to make it a reliable institution among the students and guardians for academic and professional excellence. PEC will be a student-oriented, teaching-focused, high-quality learning institution and international standard center of excellence in practice.  

Our students will have a busy and intensive study period ahead which will transform them forever. Increased global awareness, teamwork, communication skills, and ethical decision-making, are qualities that will be guidelines of college to inspire the students in their studies. PEC will be much more than just a place to learn and get fine qualifications; it will give students unrivaled guidance along with great chances to help them become responsible citizens. Our integrated approaches in education will support and nurture overall growth through plentiful opportunities in job marketplaces.

The College has an ideal teaching-learning environment supported by a perfect staff and an extraordinary faculty focusing on conceptual understanding and course content requirements. We forever strive to transform our students into superlative doers who’re passionate about professional competence, lifetime learning, and personal development.  Now, we look forward to interacting with prospective students, parents, and guardians for the continuing success of this institution which is always open to new ideas.

- Yubaraj Parsai


Message from CEO

Dear Students,
It gives me immense pleasure in inviting you to begin a career as eligible engineers with endless employment opportunities. Our focus at PCAS is the overall development of the individual, which is attained through perfect teaching methodologies adopted by our renowned faculties and the hands-on experience gained through our state of art practical labs.

We at PCAS are committed to creating future engineers by providing the best quality education & infrastructure. The college provides various activities to bring out the hidden talent of the students and also encourages and supports the faculty to do research in their related areas.

Learning is an intense process that spreads from an individual to society. It does not stop at one level but keeps improving wider and faster. It inculcates a spirit of success and helps the individual to develop positive thinking in life. This remains the major goal of the institution.

In the process of this journey, an acknowledgment of the combined effort of the staff, faculty and students has to be mentioned and we are in the process of setting even higher standards, initiating trends and achieving new milestones successfully.

I welcome you on behalf of PCAS and wish you a successful career in the engineering industry.

Er. Anuj Parajuli